If you are new in any business, you should find out the complications to avoid losses. You have two ways to learn, either from someone with experience or in time. Learning from time can be very painful, so learn from our experience. We will show you the good and evil face of this business.

Basic plan for beginners & for them who have bad experience in trading.

we will explain you how to maximize profit chances with very simple steps.

Basic plan

Original price 999.99 $ after up to 70% discount 299 $

  • Explanation about Forex/commodities/equities /indices.
  • Explanation of different sources of info
  • Full guidance of all platforms usage
  • Nature of this business
  • Exposure calculation
  • Money management
  • Blue chip stocks list
  • Best trade times

Services assessment plan

Bonus bundle with basic plan original price 999.99$ after 85% discount discount 149 $ only
You are not going to invest in scam company with fake money manager and not going to pay hidden charges.

  • How to save yourself from extra charges from platform provider
  • Difference between professional and traditional money manager
  • Difference between bank and brokerage platform
  • How to check if platform provider is real or fake
  • Formula to find out best money manager
  • How to find out best platform provider
  • Bonus reality /20% bonus /40%
  • Techniques and rules of trade

Heart Core questionnaire plan

Original price 999.99 $ after up to 50% discount 499 $
If you have these questions in your mind and trying to find out answers go for this plan.

  • Estimated amount to invest in stocks and commodities to hunt big gains?
  • Is there any way to get your money back from fraud platform provider ?
  • How the COVID-19 is affecting the global stock markets ?
  • Cause of your loss was your broker/you or market ?
  • Your loss can be someone profit if yes then how ?
  • This business always in favor of rich only ?
  • Perfect month for investment ?
  • Why I lost my money ? 

Trading tools plan

Original price 1500$ after 50% discount 750 $
Introduction of latest trading tools & type of analysis .

  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)
  • Pattern recognition & oscillator indicator
  • Commodity channel index (CCI) indicator
  • Relative strength index (RSI)
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Candlestick analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Technical analysis

Trading variety plan

Original price 1999.99 $ after 50% discount 999 $
Famous different type of traditional and professional trading

  • Automated Forex trading /robo trading /trading through artificial intelligence
  • Intraday trading /long term trading/short term trading
  • Trading on Support And Resistance & copy trade
  • High-frequency trading
  • Event-driven Trading
  • Position Trading
  • Trend trading
  • Swing trading

Investigation plan

Buy any 2 plans & get this one free
We are going to investigate your platform provider and will transfer you report with details.

  • Platform provider is market maker or only platform provider
  • Platform provider branches investigation
  • Deposit and withdrawal system
  • Trustworthy or dust worthy
  • Extra charges investigation
  • Trading desk services
  • Regulation & license
  • Execution speed

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